France is now growing foie gras in a lab | Sifted

By Ivy Farm

on Wed Jul 14 2021

Original article by Freya Pratty | Sifted

Gourmey’s growing foie gras in a lab in Paris — but when will Europe give cell-based meat the green light?

Brexit: can the UK now regulate quicker?

One area of intrigue for the industry is the UK. Now that it’s left the European Union, the country can form its own food regulation system — potentially one that can okay foods faster than Europe.

Dr Russ Tucker, founder of British cell-based meat company Ivy Farm, says the European process doesn’t work because you prepare a dossier of information for regulators, after which it can take 18 months before you know the result. 

Places like Singapore have a more agile response, he says, and one that involves working with companies more collaboratively. 

“We’ve seen a big push by the current government to drive to net zero and cultured meat is an opportunity to align with that goal,” he says.

“I think we have to face the reality that if the UK isn’t adapting the process and other markets open up earlier than we would look to those markets  — ultimately, we are a business.”

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