science could change
the world?

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The big question that gave our founder a big idea

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It was while working as a management consultant to supermarkets that Dr Russ Tucker first came across challenges of efficiency and sustainability in the meat industry.

That’s when Russ asked himself, what if we could produce better meat, and in a better way?

Hailing from generations of farmers and butchers on both sides of his family, Dr Russ was now ready to swap the cleaver for the culture dish. To help raise the bar in an industry he knew and loved.

Russ returned to his alma mater, Oxford University, and teamed up with Professor Cathy Ye. There, Cathy and her team created the novel biotechnology needed to deliver the big breakthrough the meat industry
desperately needed. And that was how Ivy Farm Technologies first began in 2019.

Can you visit Ivy Farm Technologies?

One day you might be able to. For now, our name isn’t so much a place as a play on words.

‘Ivy’ stands for ‘in vitro’. Which means a process that takes place outside of a living organism, aka in vitro meat.

And, because of our founder’s family heritage, we combined Ivy with Farm. To create a company culture committed to upholding animal welfare from the very first sausage.

British innovation. Oxford roots.

Ivy Farm licenses its technology from the University of Oxford. And as a holder of a founding stake, the University provided seed funding and is represented on the Board of Directors.

But more than that, Oxford is where Professor Cathy and Dr Russ first met. It’s where Ivy Farm was founded. And it’s where our research and development team works every day. 

About our backers.

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Our ambition for the future

We want to become the UK’s leading producer of cultivated meat. In fact, meat in general. And we want to use breakthrough technology to help Britain lead the world in meeting the challenges of sustainable meat production in the 21st century, plate first.

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The business of cultivated meat

Ivy Farm is privately owned. We employ some of the country’s most esteemed scientists and consult with some of the best advisors in the world in their field. We currently have patents pending in 12 countries relating to our technology. 

This technological foundation positions our business for growth across three revenue streams focused on cultivated beef, chicken, and alternative proteins.

In the short term: We will licence our unique biotechnology to other businesses. 

In the medium-term: We will sell the muscle and fat we produce as raw ingredients to other food producers.

In the long term: We will develop our own range of cultivated meat products and create a brand for consumers to enjoy.

Right now, our team is focused on Research & Development. If you’d like to know more about our commercial plans, follow us on social media or get in touch.