we could
enjoy more of the
meat we love?

Dig into the health benefits

In carefully growing cultivated meat from cells, we keep all the protein and healthy fats like Omega-3, and ditch the saturates. Things that are bad for the heart, and a by- product of rearing livestock for slaughter in the traditional, industrial method of farming.

As a producer, we’ll start with mince. Processed meat is often seen as the worst offender for its poor quality, poor health credentials, and a lack of transparency or traceability as to its source. Even meat alternatives, because they’re highly processed, can often contain high levels of sodium or fat. We are fighting for a no- compromise option.

Get hungry for the whole range

Get the grill ready, as we plan to have a range of lean, tasty meat products available in the UK by 2023. Starting with the classic British pork sausage, and then expanding to include Angus beef burgers, Wagyu meatballs and whatever tickles chef’s tastebuds next.

Whatever the dish, all Ivy Farm cultivated meat products will be free from antibiotics. And they’ll be fresh too; as we don’t need as many steps in the process to get sausages and burgers onto supermarket shelves and into fridges.

All of this means meat eaters will be able to tuck into more of the protein-rich food they really love.

Quick story…These sausages were made with Ivy Farm mince meat. They were cooked and eaten by a gourmet chef with very high standards (and a wicked temper). He gave the sausages a big thumbs up and promptly ate the lot.

Read about our process for making meat

A juicy sausage.