We believe
in the power
of what


we could love meat and love animals?

What was once a paradox for meat eaters is now a real possibility.

We make real meat from animal cells without suffering, slaughter, or that icky conflicted feeling.

Thanks to our technology, now you can love pigs in fields and pigs in blankets. You can be pro meat and anti-animal cruelty, all in one breathe (or bite).

What’s more, you can wave a burger in the air and join in the fight against climate change. Because once we stop killing animals, we stop gobbling up the natural resources intakes to rear them.

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A pig with a curly tail.


our science could change the world?

It has before. It will again. From the telephone line to the world wide web, Britain has always given the world technology worth talking about.

From calculating British maritime to creating a time the whole world sets its clock to, the UK has been relentless in leading on science you can trust.

So how can we be satisfied that the best innovation in agriculture remains…the humble tractor?

The way we see it, it’s time to use our appetite for technology and an endless hunger for improvement to find a better, more sustainable way to eat delicious meat.

Apparently NASA wants to grow meat in space…but we say, start here on earth. Right here in Britain.

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A meatball under a magnifying glass.


we could secure a reliable food source? 

Though this is meat made by us, it’s never changed by us.

This is real meat as it should be. No GMO, no antibiotics, no gristly bits showing up to spoil the party.

Because we control how meat grows, we can make sure nothing nasty jumps into our food chain.

When we realised a trustworthy, sustainable and healthy meat didn’t exist – we invented it.

And that’s when science really got juicy.

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A smiley face with meatballs for eyes.