Leading the UK’s cultivated meat revolution

Here at Ivy Farm, we’re an inquisitive bunch of bioengineers and scientists who love animals, love the planet, but also love beef burgers. What we don’t love is the scary and damaging effects of industrialised farming. When we realised that tasty, sustainable meat didn’t exist, we decided to make it. 

We use novel technology created at the University of Oxford to grow real mince meat free from antibiotics. It’s called cultivated meat. It’s high in protein, low in saturated fat and tastes fantastic in sausages, meatballs or a spag bol. 

With global demand for meat only set to grow, this is big news for animals, people and planet. So watch this space – because science just got juicy.

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Science can save our meat

In order to feed the world’s growing appetite for a sustainable protein source, traditional farming methods alone won’t cut it. We either need another planet, or another plan.

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+ Traceability

Two cooked sausages, arranged to look like an equals sign, appear in the sentence, ‘transparency plus traceability equals trust.’


Because we control the process, we know exactly what is and isn’t in our cultivated meat and where it comes from. There’s confidence in every bite. No antibiotics and no nitrates. Now that is satisfying.

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British technology can change the world 

Our story began at Oxford University, where our biotechnology
originated. We want to fly the flag for British innovation in food

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What makes Ivy Farm different?

Our people

A photo wall of smiling people.
A photo wall of smiling people.
A photo wall of smiling people.
A photo wall of smiling people.
A photo wall of smiling people.

Our people

We’re a team of scientists and engineers who want to use our skills to make tasty, guilt-free, real meat, so we can continue to enjoy the best of the BBQ.

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Our process

Our technology has been developed by PhD engineers at the University of Oxford and we have complete control over how it works. We hold ourselves to high standards and strive to make tasty, guilt-free real meat.

A juicy sausage.

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Our products

All this innovation only makes sense when people love the bite and savour the chew. It’s got to score high in the ‘yum’ factor. Our British mince meat is made from quality muscle and pure fats. Not a lot of today’s meat products can breeze the quality test as easily.

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