we could grow
meat just like a plant?

How we make our real, guilt-free, cultivated meat

Our process for creating cultivated meat, also known as lab-grown meat, follows similar principles to the cultivation of plants.

Take a small sample of cells

Just like taking a cutting from a plant, we start by taking a sample of animal cells.

Give the cells the conditions to thrive

But instead of a plant pot, we nurture our cells in a large tank called a bioreactor. Suspending them in a solution packed with nutrients to help them multiply into either muscle or fat.

Let cells do their ‘cell’ thing

In just two to three weeks, under our careful watch, this small sample of cells multiplies to become several billion in number. Which is equal to one kilo of meat.

Transparency through technology

Our process is entirely about cell multiplication and because we have complete control over the process, we know exactly what’s in every final juicy sausage. 

Unlike with industrial farming, which needs to protect huge numbers of animals from diseases, we don’t need to use any antibiotics to create safe, tasty meat dishes. This means we don’t contribute to the worrying rise in antibiotic resistance in humans, either.

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