Save the planet. Eat meat.  Russ’s TEDx talk has finally landed

By Ivy Farm

on Thu Apr 21 2022


Exciting news!  After a couple of months waiting, we are beyond excited to finally be able to share with you Russ’s TEDx Oxford Conference talk from January!

In his talk, Russ shares his personal journey from his childhood to co-founding Ivy Farm. He shares why, in a world where we hear every day about the damage being done to the planet, where climate change is putting us all in peril, we still don’t have to give up meat. We just have to make it differently.

We might be a tiny bit biased, but we absolutely love it. To hear his story, find out what happened when he suggested to his family of butchers that they all should go vegetarian, and discover why everyone is putting their fists in the air, go watch it here