What will it take? Read our BCG co-authored report

By Ivy Farm

on Thu Aug 04 2022


Our love of meat is unsustainable. The great news is that cultivated meat is on horizon, but what will it take to bring its benefits to the UK?

Ivy Farmers, our Co-Founder Dr Russ Tucker and VP of Product, Dr Emma Lewis, teamed up with Boston Consulting Group to explore the opportunity.

The report, which examines statistical evidence and forecasting data, reveals four key milestones that must be reached to unlock the benefits cultivated meat offers to UK consumers, its government, food security and the environment.

In the paper these milestones are identified as:

  1. Regulatory approval of cultivated meat
  2. Farmer acceptance
  3. Investment in R&D to improve unit economics
  4. Consumer acceptance

Read the full report here:

Bringing the Benefits of Cultivated Meat to the UK (bcg.com)